What’s the real news?


We’ve seen these comments before in newspapers, magazines, articles, always depicting the men accused of rape as “promising and bright students whose futures are new ruined because of this “tragedy””.  Comments such as these focus way too much on the feelings and reputation of the accuser. Media outlets rarely ever focus attention on the victim and how their lives were affected by the attack. By focusing on the accuser, their lives and whatever feelings that they may or may not have, I think that the media fails to realize that in doing so they are silencing the victims voice and other victims who see and read these comments. It’s already difficult for people to come forward and admit that they have been raped or sexually assaulted and I think a big part of that is because many people don’t want to be seen as someone who “ruined” the life of someone else, even though they were the one that was assaulted. The point of attention is always shifted to the accuser and their feelings, no one rarely takes the time to talk about the victim and their emotions. Because these sort of comments and viewpoints make it harder for victims to come out because they are afraid that the things that will be said about them will make it seem as though they are trying to ruin the lives of their attacker and that’s never the case.  People shouldn’t be terrified about reporting their crime because the media wants to reflect a very patriarchal mindset that believes that men can do no wrong and women are out to ruin men’s lives.

Damilola A.

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