Calling All Faculty

When we think of ways to diminish rape culture, our first thought is to change the way young people think. If we send out body conscious messages into society, then they’ll eventually be influenced into making better choices. But another very important thing to consider is how the older generations can make a different. As authority figures, our professors and faculty have the platform to speak out against rape culture. One influential profession can sometimes create a much large conversation than hundreds of students. Universities can hide student protests easily enough, but it’s hard to cover up the words of a well-respected adult figure.

But the sad fact is that professors are often retaliated against for speaking out about this problem. As the author notes, several faculty members have been fired or punished in the last for years for bringing up rape culture. One was fired, one was denied tenure, and others have experienced research funding cuts. What kind of explain is tat setting for the victims of sexual assault? Teachers need to start standing up to the university systems as a unit instead of individually. This will make it harder for universities to punish them for using their right to freedom of speech. They can’t fire their whole staff. But regardless of the consequences, professors need to continue to2 use their authority to help bring change to rape culture within universities.



Heldman, Caroline. “A Call for More Faculty Involvement in the Campus Rape Crisis.” The Huffington Post., 15 May 2015. Web. Nov. 2015. <;.


Mara C.

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