Catcalling Gone Wrong


What men do not expect when they are hollering at women on the street is for the women to respond back. This video tackled that exact issue. Most of the men appeared intimidated when the woman responded back to them, which is exactly what they were trying to do to the women.

This is what needs to be happening more often. We, as women, need to start responding to these men and catching them off guard. We need to stop them in their tracks. We need to make them feel like they are making us feel. We need to show them how unacceptable what they are doing truly is.

What we really need to do is show men videos like these so that they know how it feels and how it looks when they are doing this. It is almost like men forget that all these women are sisters and daughters and girlfriends. They don’t want this to be happening to their sisters and daughters and girlfriends, so why are they doing it to random strangers?

It is time to start educating more men, like the ones in the video below.

These men had to watch their girlfriends walk through the streets of New York and see all of the awful things that are said to women on a daily basis. This is something that needs to be done more often. Men need to understand how awful it is. Men need to know that we don’t appreciate the “compliments” on our looks. Men need to understand that we don’t want them. Men need to understand that hollering at us from across the street isn’t going to get them any more attention than before.

Respect and lack there of is key in all of this. It’s time that men begin respecting women. It is time that men stop saying everything that comes to their mind. It is time for men to stop degrading the women that walk down the street.

As a society, we need to start taking a stand against catcalling. Women need to start “fighting” back and other men need to start making it known that catcalling is unacceptable. This is just yet another issue plaguing women in our society, but it could be an easy fix if everyone would start fighting back against it. We as women should be able to take back our independence and walk down the street by ourselves without being yelled at the entire time.

Katelyn S.

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