How Does Greek Culture Affect Rape Culture?

As college students, you’ve probably seen the countless reports of sexual exploitation within university’s Greek organizations. By now it’s widely known that Greek life has a major problem when it comes to rape culture. Most of the blames lies with the system’s fraternities; these men have become desensitized to the fact that women are human beings too and should be treated with respect. The key example is this particular article is a letter written from an executive in a chapter of Phi Kappa Tau, instructing the members on how to “lure rapebait” at an upcoming event. Fraternity events also add to the higher likelihood of a rape situation. The overflow of alcohol allows girl to let down their guard and think they’re in a safe place. But fraternities are not the only organizations promoting rape culture – sororities do have an influence. By continuing to engage in fraternity parties and rituals, women are saying that they’re okay with this behavior. Sisters will also excuse these behaviors as something that ‘just happens’; turning a blind eye to can be almost as harmful.

University officials across the country have recognized this growing issue, and are finally starting to take action. Some have spoken up about dismantling the Greek system all-together, while others hold more conservative views and think suspensions for bad behavior will be sufficient. Either plan might work, but the main point is that we need to start doing something about this problem NOW. Waiting until the next disaster will only make it harder for us to correct.



Bednarz, Becca. “Does Greek Life Perpetuate Rape Culture? – The Brown and White.” The Brown and White. N.p., 30 Apr. 2015. Web. Nov. 2015.

Mara C.

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