Nothing New

Our society is so use to sexual violence against women that people don’t even want to acknowledge it when it’s right in their face and that’s sad.

Recently Bloomingdale’s had an Holiday AD with this caption “Spike Your Best Friend’s Eggnog When They’re Not Looking”. When this AD hit social media it caused a frenzy, which caused the store to apologize for its “insensitive” ad; stating,“In reflection of recent feedback, the copy we used in our current catalog was inappropriate and in poor taste. Bloomingdale’s sincerely apologizes for this error in judgment,”. Womp.

My question and concerns when reading this statement is, so if no one said anything, they (Bloomingdale’s) would have just continued to think that this was okay. wow.

But surprisingly my problem is not with this ad, as much as it is with the comments that I found on this site. Some people thought that this was just a simple advertising ploy to get people to talk about the store and generate buzz. So to me I read: rape and sexual violence against women is not a big deal, so relax. And that’s the problem that we as a whole are facing in society. The fact that people think an advertisement like this or the D&G ad means no harm but to promote their products is problematic by itself.

And yes people are right, they are promoting something but its not their product alone, but rather they are promoting a culture that approves of the violence against women. People are so blind to this that they would rather think of it as an advertisement ploy than a threat against women.

PhotoGrid_1448950887199 (2)

But why is this okay? I think a majority of this has to do with a lack of education and communication. I hate to fault ignorance but sometimes people really don’t know that what they’re seeing or saying is harmful unless it directly impact them. So I think in order for us to change these type of comments we have to educate people because it’s only then that people can be informed.

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